Afraid you might sprain a brain muscle?

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Afraid you might sprain a brain muscleIt’s only during a few brief teenage years when you think you know-it-all. Actually that blissful ignorance quickly evaporates as you come up against reality. The same can be said for us as adults who have been lulled into career and job security.

Suddenly we hit a brick wall to find that some of what we’ve learned is already out-of-date, our career choice may be non-existent in a few years and new skills that don’t exist as yet will be needed for our next income generating opportunity.

Adult learning is big business. If you think going back to school, retraining and updating skills is enough then you’re wrong. What you also need is on-going “brain training.”

Brain training is the same as physical exercise. Both contribute to your overall brain health and performance. Just as different exercises target different parts of your body, you also want stimulating exercises for your primary mental brain skills.

Not ready to gear up for a full mental gym regime? Afraid you might overdue it and sprain a brain muscle? Or, perhaps you’re worried it’s going to take too much to get brain fit?

There’s a simple way to start. No one has to know you’ve started brain training, and best of all you can workout anywhere at anytime.

One of the easiest ways to start is with a brain teaser. A brain teaser is a simple mental brain workout that gets you out of your old brain habits and exercises your thinking in a new way. The objective is to find the correct answer that’s outside your default train of thought.

Here’s your first brain teaser …

Farmer Jones wants to cross a nearby river. He wants to get his goat, his wolf and his head of cabbage across this river. He can only bring one at a time across the river. He can’t leave the goat and wolf together and he can’t leave the goat with the cabbage. How does he get all three across the river?

If you believe you’ve figured it out, reply below with your answer.

If you’re stumped, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for the answer and the tips for how to get in brain shape with brain teasers.



  1. Very creative solution Tanya but not the solution that answers this brain teaser.

  2. I hate to ask the obvious question but can the wolf take the cabbage across. xo

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