Basketball for better business decisions?


Basketball is a game, it’s an elite sport and it’s a brain game for each and every player. It makes no difference if we are talking male or female basketball players the benefits are the same.

It’s top 10 benefits according to Samir Becic, four-time number 1 fitness trainer in the world are –

  • Burns calories
  • Great for cardiovascular health
  • Develops concentration and self-discipline
  • Builds bone strength
  • Better motor skills and coordination
  • Strength training
  • Improves spatial awareness
  • Mental development
  • Reduces stress and boosts the immune system
  • Enhances confidence

Why should women online entrepreneurs be interested in basketball?

Becic’s points about reducing stress, enhancing confidence, developing concentrations and self-discipline make sense from a brain and business perspective. When it comes to mental development, here’s the most important aspect.

“Research on the mental aspects of basketball has revealed that players must develop a great deal of attention to quickly and accurately process what’s happening … and make effective decisions … This can translate to helping you make quick decisions on the job and in other real-life situations.”

In order to accurately process, a brain needs to recognize patterned responses previously learned and stored in memory. It’s what allows elite players to anticipate what will happen 5 seconds before it does. and respond accordingly with better choices. Brain pattern recognition training is now as much a part of training as routine practice skills.

Okay, you can see the value, but you’re not ready for elite NBA training in order to make better decisions in your business.

But, you can play basketball on your terms.

For you young ones, your local YWCA has ladies basketball teams. Or, if you’re 50 + there’s Granny Basketball.

Why Would I Ever Want to Play Granny Basketball?

I’ll admit the name is not ideal for us anti-agers, but it’s got great advantages for getting you out on the court and out of your boring gym routine. 

Besides all of Becci’s great health benefits, here’s your opportunity to improve making decisions, get some excitement back in your life and reinvigorate that competitive spirit.

Your Basketball Benefits

  • You’re not playing by NBA rules.
    • The court is divided into thirds
    • Two players from each team cover each third
    • Players must stay in their assigned ⅓ court area
    • Can only dribble twice when you have the ball
    • No running or jumping
    • You get 3 points rather than 2 for each granny shot.
  • You have your own National League Granny Tournament
  • Eight states already have leagues with over 300 competitive players
  • The oldest you are going to compete against is 85
  • Uniforms are modest so you can hide whatever you want (see video)

Normally, when you are exercising, your brain doesn’t have much to process. In games like basketball, where interaction is fast-paced, your brain is anticipating moves and quickly has to decide on a response.

Not, much different in business when decisions have to be made without much time for reflection. Is it a ” go “ or a ” no go “? The more experience your brain has in sizing up situations quickly can make you feel more confident about the decision you do make.

Maybe basketball isn’t your thing. It might be tennis, table pool, or softball. Whatever captures your brain’s attention and makes it work hard to make a decisive response in the moment will do. 

What other sports or games could you see as helping your brain’s ability to make decisions?


Image: Pixabay 2373730 CCO