Brain survival for the entrepreneur at home


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There’s quite an allure for the brain of an entrepreneur when considering what it would be like working from home.

  • Only let your brain be interrupted when you feel like it
  • No brain stress over what to wear or how you look
  • Headache relief from heavy traffic and crazy drivers
  • Brain cells tell you when they are ready to work
  • Napping is an approved option when your brain needs a rest
  • Brain freedom to work wirelessly from whenever you want
  • Permission granted to go down any rabbit hole your brain is captivated by

While enticing, the brain of an entrepreneur still needs to be productive and a little brain advice is necessary.

Recently, ran an article on 7 detrimental work-at home conditions.

I’ve consolidated everything down into work environment and computer-environment.

Work Environment for the Entrepreneur 

When it comes to a work environment, most spaces rely on neutral colors. The less color distraction the better the rationale goes. When the exact opposite is crucial. Bright, bold or pops of color are stimulating and make brain cells take notice that this is a motivating and productive environment to work in.

A work environment also needs fresh air and access to natural daylight. When fresh air is not circulating, the air you’re breathing to keep your brain cells activated is actually dead air filled with residual toxins and allergy dust.

Natural light is important for your eyes. It registers the changing quality of light to match your body’s natural circadian rhythm. – which in turns tells you when your brain is most alert and when it’s time to shut down.

Another brain stimulating factor is sound. You might have a preference for absolute silence or high volume stimulation. High volume takes up a fair amount of brain cell processing and makes  focusing on internal thought more challenging

Even when there’s silence, auditory brain cells are scanning the environment for the slightest bit of sound stimulation. Ideally, the sound should be just enough to make the auditory brain cells pay attention to the environment they are in. But, not so much as to distract focus from what needs to be done.

Computer Environment for the Entrepreneur

Having a computer at your fingertips changes your brain as well. Just about anything you want to know is only a few clicks away. At the same time, it’s easy to find yourself engaging less and less with the non-computer world.

Social media and video conferencing don’t provide the same quality of social cues and human contact as person-to-person exchanges. Your brain is structured for better in-person feedback and judgment. Subtle facial, body and tonal changes give you more information than a computer screen or audio file. The more you keep you person-to-person skills sharp, the better you’ll be at sizing up an online contact.

There’s also a certain amount of anxiety in building an online business and financial insecurities in turning it into a profitable enterprise. The more time spent in front of the computer screen elevates stress, as well as, fears and uncertainties when you’re working hard to meet expectations and goals.

Living in front of your computer is also thought to increase the incidence of disease and shorten your lifespan. Physically, computer inactivity raises concerns for  “… heart, circulatory, bone, cancer and other chronic diseases …” Psychologically, the greatest concern is for depression.

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“According to a 2002 study published in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine, working on a computer more than five hours per day significantly increases the risk of depression, insomnia, and fatigue.”

While you may love, love your computer and other electronic devices, it’s important for you as an entrepreneur to disconnect your brain and make contact with the human and the natural world.

Your brain needs fresh, live, fun-loving, conversation-stimulating input. It wants to travel to new places and see things first hand rather than a slide-deck. Let it get fresh air from moving, stretching and breathing more deeply.

Your computer will always be there, but what will be the quality of your brain as an entrepreneur?


Image: Pexels COO