Did you make your brain spa reservation yet?

Minibar for the Mind

The next time you do a hotel search for your favorite destination, you might want to check out their brain spa facilities. While you might not be able to do so now, you will shortly.

Hotels like the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) are planning ahead by anticipating what guests will want to experience during their stay. Hotels like other business study trends and how they may relate to their guest services.

Among trends identified by IHG is one known as the brain spa. Based on a 38 % increase in age 50+ adults graduates between 2001 – 2005 and the success of other brain health and brain performance products and services, IHG family hotels like Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza are gearing up. They anticipate that guests, such as yourselves, will be travelling to particular destinations for mental and knowledge improving events and experiences.

The upscale, Morgans Hotel Group has taken it a step further by offering a Minibar for the Mind. In collaboration with The School of Life, guests are offered a “…midnight feast” of intellect, inspiration and ideas… intended to create a more meaningful, enjoyable, and holistic guest experience.”

Not exactly the minibar your had in mind.

However, its’ custom made box is said to contain:

“Conversation Starters: A box set of 250 cards featuring questions, quotations and provocations.
Collected Thoughts (Vol.1): A volume of the best columns written by The School of Life’s faculty and friends, such as Alain de Botton and Ken Worpole.
Reading Prescriptions: Two tailor-made reading prescriptions from The School of Life’s Bibliotherapists designed to evoke moods of relaxation or seduction.
Dreams & Fears Notebook: An open book and a blank page to write down your dreams and fears.
Writer’s Block Pencil Set: A set of three pencils with quotes from authors Mark Twain, George Orwell, and Laurence Sterne”

If you think that you’re not ready for a brain spa just yet, or your travel plans are on hold, you can always dust off that old set of encyclopedias; get out that old hammock and place a pitcher of ice tea nearby. But, this is only recommended for those 50+ agers who know what encyclopedias and hammocks are.