Don’t Let Business Decisions Depend on Granite Countertops

granite countertops


Are you letting granite countertops guide your business decisions?


In the decision process, there’s usually a deal breaker. It’s the one thing that you “must have,” and if it’s not there you’re ready to walk away.


For a lot of home buyers, it’s granite countertops. If you’ve ever watched any of the programs dedicated to helping buyers find their dream house, you know they come with a list of “must haves.” Often a decision to purchase can hinge on the presence or absence of granite countertops.


When it comes to business, you believe you’re capable of making good decisions. What you don’t realize is that you might be allowing granite countertops to guide your decisions.


Biases, Expectations, and Preferences


Granite countertops are just an example of a bias, expectation, or preference that can affect a final decision.


Today’s kitchens are the most important room in the house, and granite countertops say luxury – you can afford it. They fulfill the expectation of value, durability, and beauty.  And if you already love the granite countertops you have, then the preference for having them in a new home is even stronger. So strong in fact that they can sway a decision to purchase while paying less attention to a potentially serious leak in the basement.


However, can you function in a kitchen that doesn’t have granite countertops? Yes. You may want granite countertops for their aesthetics, but an alternative can fill the need just as well.


When Your Brain Decides Your Business Decisions


When it comes to making decisions, your brain usually defaults to your biases, expectations, and preferences before considering alternatives. Be they conscious or unconscious, they are what gives you the safe feeling of familiarity, confirms your ideas on how things should be and makes you feel comfortable with your decision.


Even when there are alternatives that offer good options, you may find yourself rationalizing your decision by thinking


  • No one knows better than me what I want
  • I can’t be bothered to consider all the other possibilities; it’s easier to go with what I know
  • My choice makes the most sense under the circumstances
  • The price may be more expensive, but I’m willing to go for it and get this decision made


Decision to Upgrade Your Laptop


Let’s say you want to upgrade to a new laptop for your business. You’re happy with your current brand and model but want to take advantage of their new updated features.


Your decision is already being swayed by friends who have upgraded. But to be fair, you also do a Google search on reviews before heading to the big box store.


At the store, the salesperson tells you how great this new version is. He points out all the new features that including more apps and greater bandwidths for gaming. He even tells you that, even though it costs more,  this is the one he recommends to all his customers and even uses it himself. 


This laptop is the same brand. It already has the features you’re familiar with so why so why not upgrade to the newest version even if it costs more? 


You’re About to Buy a Granite Countertop


Before you jump in and buy, realize you’re about to buy a granite countertop based on your biases, expectations, and preferences.


Here’s how to avoid a granite countertop decision when it comes to business.


#1  Check if your “must-have” is a need or a want 


Needs are what’s critical to performance. Wants are what you desire but don’t necessarily need.

Having your own “must have”  list of features that you really need and are relevant to your business will help you narrow your choices and focus on the right decision.


#2  Know your biases, expectations, and preferences   


It helps to have a sense of what your biases, expectations, and preferences are. You naturally want to gravitate to things that are easy and comfortable to use. However, sticking with what you know rather than considering other possibilities could limit what you are able to do in the future. Your may find yourself outside your comfort zone, but you want to make sure you’re considering the alternatives before making your final decision.


 #3  Don’t totally rely on what others say


Relying on someone else’s opinions can be a problem They have their own biases, expectations, and preferences which may not be the same as yours. Therefore, it’s easy to get distracted by friends raving about the features that interest them. If they’re not using it for business the way you do business, then you need to give it a performance test. See for yourself if this new version is really going to make your business function better and increase profits.


#4  Consider best possible price


Just because you’ve always used this particular brand of laptop, doesn’t mean other brands can’t give you the features that meet you “must have” list.  There’s a lot of competition. It pays to compare to see if you are getting what you really need at the best possible price. 


#5  Ask yourself the can I afford it question


Make sure you understand your costs. Is a high-end purchase worth the investment in your business at this time? Or, does it make more sense to wait, until prices come down?


The Smartest Business Decision You Can Make


It’s easy to decide to get the newest, the best and the one everyone is talking about. Just like a granite countertop, it looks good but does it really meet your “must have” needs at this time? Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t.


If you’re willing to take the time to consider your business “must have” needs first, then that ‘s the  smartest business decision you can make.


Have you ever made any granite countertop decisions in your business?


Image: Pixabay 670247