How to Be a Confident Woman Blogger


How does one become a confident woman blogger? There’s a lot of talk about how to become a confident woman, but not a confident woman blogger. 

The Challenges to Being a Confident Woman Blogger

For us women bloggers, our confidence is challenged by our insecurities with every blog post we write. No one knows, except us, how much time we put into writing and editing until we feel we’ve made it perfect. No one knows what it takes to find the right image and deal with all the details before we’re satisfied. Yet, in the end, we are still unsure if it’s good enough.

We envy those who are professional writers or those we perceive to be professional writers. We can’t fathom how they turn out multiple posts every week, write witty comments, and are active all over social media.

Along the way, we learn the scary part that “everything is content.” That’s enough to cause us to Google search for everything we need to know. And, there are plenty who have been down the road ahead of us offering advice and training to bolster our confidence.

We get our courage up and commit ourselves to this blogging thing. We find our niche to write about. For motivation, we join a blogging challenge or Facebook groups. And, we keep blogging because other bloggers are relying on our participation. Our confidence builds.

Then there’s another confidence challenge. Our blogger friends not only leave comments, but we’re expected to reciprocate on their blog posts. We feel we need to say something intelligent and relevant at the same time. Sometimes the words flow; other times we have to pull the words out of the deepest parts of our brains.

There are also times our confidence takes a blow. We’d like to think we’ve always been a good writer until we read one of our old blog posts. We’re immediately embarrassed. How could this have been good enough to hit the publish button?  We fervently hope readers to our site never click on the archive link.

Greater Confidence as a Woman Blogger

Eventually comes the realization of how many blog posts we’ve actually published. Awesome, to think that every week for some time now a post has hit the blogosphere. Our confidence surges as we master SEO and even have captured readers who are not bloggers.

We even get to the confidence point where we can admit that our latest work is pretty good. But, we can still be haunted by questioning if it is really good enough.

There’s only one way to know and that is to check out the links below of the top recognized women bloggers.

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Most likely, many of these women didn’t start out as confident bloggers, but they are now. We can take some confidence building shortcuts by taking a closer look at how they write their blogs.

They say imitation is the best form of flattery. Even better is the confidence we get when we add our own personal style to our blogs. 

So, let’s blog on and expand the ranks of confident women bloggers.

Image: Pixabay 2937207, CCO