Is it true that her brain can’t make a decision?

Is the female brain wired so differently that it can’t make a decision?

There are some men out there who are certain it has to be true, since they claim that can’t figure women out – what they want, why they do what they do and why they never seem to be able to make up their minds.

The only problem here is that these men are unenlightened. It is not that the female brain can’t make decisions – it does all the time.  The explanation is rather basic – women, for the most part, approach decision making differently than most men.

As not to appear one-sided in defense of the female brain, you can read what BH Yao, a managing consultant in Information Technology, says in Do Men and Women have Different Decision Making Styles?

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Do Men and Women Have Different Decision Making Styles?

BH Yao

Research has shown that there may well be different styles associated with the way in which men and women make decisions, or certainly that the two sexes seek different information with which to make their decisions. Study into this has been used to research a variety of aspects of decision making, from political decision making, consumer decision making and business decision making to name but a few.

In general, as none of these findings are specific, women tend to make decisions based on emotive factors. They tend to consider the opinions of others and weigh them up in relation to their own understanding of a decision and its cause and effects. In business they are more prone to wanting to discuss matters openly and receive the feedback of others before finalizing a decision. Men on the other hand tend to lean towards an instant solution and can be wary of clouding issues by opening them up to too much discussion.

In terms of decision making involving moral issues, it has been found that men tend to look at the rights of the individuals involved and make what they intend to be fair and just decisions. Women on the other hand approach issues in a compassionate way, being more aware of their relationship with those involved and making use of that identification. Neither style is more successful than the other, and a combination of the two has proved to be very useful in the long-term for businesses and organizations.

Consumer decision-making is another area where gender difference has been greatly analysed. Women and men both seek the opinions of others to help them make purchasing decisions, howeverwomen are said to use them to assist in making a decision, whereas men are said to use them in order to help them form their own opinion. Men are also said to make consumer decisions on whether they have an immediate need for the productwhereas women will make decisions based on long-term consideration.

Understanding the differences in gender-influenced decision-making is not about singling out one as being superior to the other. It is about highlighting the strengths of each and working out ways in which to utilize them to the greatest advantage. Diversity is the key to many successes, and if men and women do approach decision making differently, then this area should be no different.

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