The Female Brain is Rock’in Financially

The men are confused. Music sales across the board are down substantially but female singers are raking in the bucks and male singers are trying to figure out why they’re not.

8.3 million copies sold
8.3 million copies sold

According to Elysa Gardner writer for USA Weekend (your Sunday newspaper supplement) female singers are dominating the music market and here’s the proof.

  • Last year’s best album sales, 3 out of 4 were by women
    • Taylor Swift #1
    • Susan Boyle #2
    • Michael Jackson #3
    • Madonna #4
  • Most-played singers on the radio were women
    • Taylor Swift #1
    • Beyoncé #2
  • Most frequently streamed on the Internet 7 out of 10 were women
    • Taylor Swift #1
    • Beyoncé #2
    • (Also, Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, Pink, Lady Gaga, and Kelly Clarkson)
  • Worldwide sales with 8.3 million copies by Susan Boyle’s I Dreamed the Dream

According to Gardner the secret for the ladies who are driving the bus lies in “multi-platforming.”

Multi-platforming includes the traditional media presence – magazine covers, mall and movie promos as well as “red carpet” appearances. However, what is driving their heavy duty success is the creation of their own business empires outside of their music.

These female brains are creating a personal brand of products wherein music fans become extended buyers. Jennifer Lopez has her own designer clothing line and perfume, Jennifer Hudson is the new spokesperson for Weight Watchers. Hudson, Lopez, Carey and Beyoncé have extended their talents into movies and movie production.

Alicia Keys attributes their success to female DNA.

“Women have a natural, intrinsic way of making things work.”

“We can have all the balls in the air, and most of the time, not one of them falls.”

Sounds like a female right brain juggler to me who is creatively expanding her options.

But in all fairness to the great male brain singers, they are more left brain oriented with a single minded career objective.  Many of these male brain singers have a large female fan base but financially may be losing out in the current music malaise by not learning how to juggle.

by Joyce Hansen