Why persecute your brain with brain teasers?

mental games, puzzles and brain teasers

For those not accustomed to mind games, puzzles and brain teasers, it does feel like brain persecution when trying to solve a problem that initially makes no sense. Your brain quickly goes wonky as you try everything you know. You come to realize that your brain is caught in a maze of dead-end turns. Frustrated, humiliated and defeated you’re ready to signal defeat.

Your thoughts begin run as to what demented, twisted mind thought this up? For what possible purpose does this mental exercise serve? Why should I waste my time with these tricksters, intent on sending me on wild goose chases to no where?

The answer to these mental conundrums is simple. Your brain responds best when challenged. It’s always looking for new stimulation. What mind games, puzzles and brain teasers do is to stimulate the creation of new brain synapses and neurons. New synaptic connections and neurons increase brain cell activity, which in turn affect your brain’s performance skills especially those of your frontal cortex.

Your frontal cortex is the foremost part of your brain where much of who you are and how you respond to the world is located. Any damage, trauma or aging to this area is going to affect your “executive brain function” which includes:

Logic and reasoning
Planning and execution
Decision making
Memory retention
Problem solving
Personality and humor

While it might seem like brain persecution as you work through challenging mind games, puzzles and brain teasers, it’s actually a healthy brain exercise for your neurons and synaptic connections. It forces you to not take things at face value and look for different interpretations, different possibilities, and different approaches to solving problems.

What’s your favorite Brain Teaser?

Source: http://www.sharpbrains.com/blog/2010/12/10/a-brain-game-to-tease-your-frontal-skills/

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