Women Are Not Just One Thing – Mayim Bialik

  • Mayim Bialik

Mayim Bialik is a multi-talented professional. Most likely you know her as an actress in the movie Beaches and the TV shows Blossom and currently The Big Bang Theory.


What you might not know is that she has a PhD in Neuroscience from UCLA, is an author of two books on Attachment Parenting and a blogger.


When the conference BlogHer 2016 came to my attention, I was ordering a ticket as soon as I saw Mayim Bialik was a featured speaker. I’m not a much of a celebrity watcher, but this is a woman I pay attention to.


You might think my attraction is because she’s a neuroscientist and the brainy character, Amy Farrah Fowler, on The Big Bang Theory. Actually, in both of those roles, she’s an important role model for young women in the sciences.


You might think, I’m drawn to the controversial topic of attachment parenting. As a single mother raising two sons, she brings an awareness to the challenging ideas of raising children to thrive in a world quite different than their parents and grandparents.


Or, I’m attracted because she’s a fellow blogger. After all, this is a blogging conference for women bloggers.


Mayim is not a celebrity blogger because in all humility she does not see herself as a celebrity. She’s a woman of deep faith and intelligence. She wants to know more, to explore, to ask questions and engage through blogging.


She was no different from us – having to find a platform, honing one’s writing skills, and then venturing out into a larger audience.


That larger audience will now find her at GrokNation.


As a blogger, you can appreciate the agony of finding the perfect title for your blog.


For the sake of clarification, Mayim takes Grok from the 1961 science fiction novel, by Robert A. Heinlein “Stranger in a Strange Land.”


Grok meaning to “fully and deeply grasp something.”


Mayim describes her blog as a “… conscious-raising venture,” open to anyone. “We want people to feel like a community, and challenge people to do good.”


It’s a refreshing open space to dialog about the questions of the Universe and how we grapple and understand our being part of it.


What I find important here, is a woman who is a neuroscientist, an actress, single mother, and a blogger. (Also, a vegan and a vegan cookbook author.)


She is not a woman of one thing but a woman of more than one thing.


She reminds us, in any of the roles that you relate to her, that we are also women who are more than one thing.  


We can be different things at different times of our lives and somethings at the same time.


And, the best part is that we get to blog about it.


Hope you enjoy the video interview below and share your feelings and comments about being more than one kind of woman.







Image: commons wikimedia.org