Is it time for a business mindset shift?

business mindset

A business mindset is your business attitudes based on your business experiences, knowledge, and ideas. However, it also includes your collection of your personal beliefs, values, habits, feelings, experiences, observations and learning. Everything comes together to help your process information, finalize decisions and generate actions.

When things aren’t working in your business, maybe it’s time to check if your business mindset needs to change.

Business Mindset – two kinds

Some businesses have a fixed business mindset that remains stuck in a comfort zone.

Other businesses promote a growth business mindset that gets out of a comfort zone.

You have a fixed business mindset when there’s an attitude of –

– business as usual

– being skeptical of ideas or improvements

– achieving the initial goals is enough, new goal planning not needed

– unwilling to allocate more time or money

– avoiding failure by playing it safe

– creating growth would require too much time and energy

– updating not needed, the technology works just fine

– blaming mistakes on someone else

You have a growth business mindset when there’s an attitude of – 

– thinking in terms of potentials and opportunities

– being optimistic about trying new ideas

– creating a new goal plan every year with monthly reviews and revisions

– investing wisely with more time and money 

– seeing failures as the best learning experiences

– growing, expanding and evolving are worth time and energy

– staying technologically current streamlines a business

– recognizing mistakes makes a business accountable

I hope this gets you thinking about your business mindset.

As the end of the year approaches, you’ll be evaluating your progress and determining if you’ve met the goal targets you set out earlier this year.

You don’t have to wait until the New Year to begin because there’s still plenty of time to make a successful mindset shift in your business right now.

updated: 22 December, 2017

Image: Pixabay 725843