Men may buy Valentine’s Day flowers but women …

Sometimes you have to wonder about men. Despite the fact that our local stores have been promoting Valentine’s Day every since the New Year’s celebration displays came down and TV promotions for special Valentine floral bouquets have blitzed the airwaves, my dear husband looked up at me and with all earnestness asked if today was Valentine’s Day.

Over the years, I’ve learned not to drop hints, because when he forgets the makeup reward far surpasses the traditional card and flowers. How his brain can forget the day but remember what I should have done but didn’t, never fails to amaze me.

Valentine’s Day is big business, despite the fact there are forgetful men out there.

 $13.8 million dollars being spent on Valentine’s Day with an average cost of $116.21.

There are actual gender differences according to latest Retail Advertising and Marketing Association, Valentine’s Day Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey.

Men it seems are the big buyers with 73% of the flowers, but women are also strategic buyers besides having vested interests. Women  …

  • (85%) will buy the cards
  • (14%) will send themselves flowers
  • (53%) claim they will end a relationship if they don’t receive something
  • will conceive a estimated 11,000 babies

So, far there’s been no clandestine effort to leave the house, so I guess I’m up for a bigger surprise. Which should prove interesting since our anniversary is in 3 days. Believe me I don’t drop hints for this one either.

Whether you are a Valentine receiver or a sender, know that you are loved as I wish you a happy Valentine’s Day.