The Mindset of Connectedness

mindset of connectedness

Many of us Internet entrepreneurs pride ourselves with a mindset of isolation. We build our businesses within the confines of our bedrooms. We dress in ready to jump-back-into-bed sleepwear and bravely pull back the curtains to see if it’s still daylight. It’s a lonely endeavor too many of us are willing to endure.

More Mindset Connectedness

However, a mindset for marketing success requires more. According to author Scott Schickler in 7 Essential Mindsets for Entrepreneurial Success, we need a mindset where “we are connected.”

While we may have thousands of social media connections, the actual number we physically connect to is a pittance by comparison. Schickler believes entrepreneurs truly thrive when engaged in synergistic relationships. It’s a mindset connectedness that leads to greater achievement by “…working with, for and through others.”

Where To Get Mindset Connected

Networking Is not as hot as it used to be. Most have moved on realizing there’s more self-promotion than sharing and support. Today, the shift is to meetups and coworking spaces.

Meetups are local networks formed around community topics of interests. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can start one of your own.

Within my area, I have access to meetups for podcasters, bloggers, women bloggers, WordPress, entrepreneurs, empowerment, E-business and online marketing for home-based entrepreneurs.

What makes meetups appealing is before you join, you can find out the size of their membership, how active they are, and view member profiles. It’s not another organization but a place to meet others facing similar challenges.

Coworking can mean getting together in a space with others of the same interest. Each is there to work independently, but the environment is conducive to helping one another.

Larger coworking platforms are designed for independents, freelancers and small business start-ups where they can rent space. Spaces vary in levels of privacy but focus on having communal exchange areas. The environment is highly creative with a broad cross-section of activity. It’s also supportive and lends itself to collaborative efforts.

Why Connect Your Mindset

What meetups and coworking spaces offer is a face-to-face community. Others may be engaged in different areas, but everyone is part of the Internet of things. Each is in a position to create a mindset of connectedness by …

  • sharing knowledge and experience
  • giving feedback
  • stimulating creative thinking
  • opening doors to opportunities 

If it’s two o’clock in the afternoon and you’re still wearing a bathrobe, it’s time to get dressed and head out the door to a meetup or coworking space.

A mindset of connectedness might be just what your business needs.

Let’s us know how you plan to increase your mindset of connectedness.

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