Turning potential customers into customers who want more

potential customers


How does an entrepreneur turn potential customers into customers who want more? Business strategies will focus on a bevy of marketing techniques, with a mantra of getting them to know, like and trust you. But, is that enough to turn potential customer contacts into on-going Cha-Ching transactions?

Let me back-track for a moment, last week I introduced The Wild Mare Strategy. This is where a dominate mare within a herd of wild horses is more of a leader than the traditionally accepted stallion. The dominant mare becomes the leader by guiding the herd through directed, forward movement.

By extension, I suggest the same leadership technique be applied to moving potential customers in the right direction before they become problematic and difficult. They are the ones to likely bolt before making an initial purchase, reaping the benefits of an offer, providing a testimonial, or most importantly becoming a repeat customer.

As an entrepreneur, you can maximize your success outcomes by becoming the leader of your own herd of potential customers.


Most likely your potential customers are looking for a product or service that will match their wants or needs, as well as, meeting certain expectations of fulfillment.

However, according to customer research, two very important leadership qualities potential customers seek more than wants and needs are motivation and collaboration.


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Marketing materials are designed to motivate a customer to make that initial buy along with on-going up-sell purchases. The product or service itself is an extrinsic motivator to meet a goal or resolve a problem. However, potential customers are also trying to determine if you are the one who can motivate them to achieve their desired outcome.


According to Jeoffrey James, contributing editor Inc.com and author of 10 Things Every Customer Wants

“Customers absolutely do NOT want you to sell them something, even something that’s wonderful.

They want you to work with them to achieve a mutual goal, by being responsive to the customer’s concerns and ways of doing business.

Ideally, customers want you to become integral to their success.”

Cha-Ching Transactions

Anyone can offer a product, hoping there are potential customers out there who see the value and are willing to purchase. But, potential customers are a skittery and suspicious group. You have to offer more than a problem solution. They need to see you as a resource leader offering motivation and collaboration for their success.

You need to see yourself as offering your expertise and experience. You understand what it takes to be motivated because you’ve been there. You understand how hard it is going it alone because you tried it and failed. Once, you can build rapport with them around motivation and collaboration, potential customers are more likely to become customers. And, once they have their first successful outcome with you, that’s when on-going Cha-Ching happens.  



Updated 5 June, 2017.

Source: http://www.inc.com/geoffrey-james/10-things-every-customer-wants.html

Phtot Credit: Pixabay 1019871, License: CC0 Public Domain