What else does a podcast interviewer need to do?

Making all the pieces work together
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What else does a podcast interviewer need to do? Well, there’s a little bit more than just interviewing your featured guest. There are a few more parts that need to come together to create the kind of podcast programming that attracts lots of listeners. Besides being the actual program host and interviewer, you also become — […]

Podcast Interviewer – now what do I do?

podcast interviewer
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Podcast Interviewer – now what do I do? The idea of being a podcast interviewer can be very appealing. If you’re sold on the idea of using podcasting to expand your social media reach, your podcast audience will be able to hear the sound and tone of your voice, capture the essence of your personality […]

10 point checklist for choosing a potential podcast guest to interview

10 point checklist
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Not everyone is prime podcast interview material. So when it comes to selecting a podcast guest to interview, here’s a 10 point checklist to consider. The 10 things you want to know – 1.  What kind of guest is a “fit” for your podcast program? Do you need a professional with credentials; a published author; […]

15 steps to get you ready for your first podcast interview

Before your first podcast Interview
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You might find it intimidating to put together your first postcast inverview. There’s lots of great resources out there that can tell you about the equipment you need (it’s really inexpensive to get started) and podcast hosting. However, I want to focus on getting you ready for your first podcast interview so that you sound […]

From blogging to podcasting

You can be a podcaster
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If you’re a blogger, remember what it was like when it came to selecting your blogging niche? Some of you may have known exactly what you wanted to blog about, and others, well you, just agonized until you found your comfort niche. Deciding on a podcast theme is no different, but podcasting itself is not […]

Shifting gears to podcasting –

Why podcast ...
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Did you just receive another email about podcasting? When my podcasting emails started streaming in, quite frankly I was more than dismayed. I was just getting a handle on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram and Pinterest marketing and here comes podcasting. Business wise I know that podcasting is a valuable social media marketing strategy. But, […]

Before You Decide to Buy the Next Great Marketing Tool

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Is your inbox overflowing with emails promoting the next great marketing tool for your business success? Of course it is! Sometimes it can be a tough when it comes to deciding to buy or not-to-buy, and yet other times you’re easily persuaded by and of these good reasons — it sounds like exactly what I need […]

Five marketing lessons from women who decide differently

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One of the conundrums in marketing is not only to get the buyer to decide to buy but to figure out what’s the deciding factor that will get the buyer to actually buy. A lot of behavioral and psychological research has already gone into understanding on a retail level how men and women shoppers decide […]

How savvy women turn social media into sales with the power of TPJ!

savvy women
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        What is it about women that makes them the leaders in almost all of social media? Can it be their numbers or is it their temporo-parietal junction (TPJ)? Here’s where women rule over men by the numbers in social media. 76% women to 66% men on Facebook 54% women to 46% men […]

Warning: When financial stress increases your IQ drops

financial stress
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Nobody wants to get dumber, but you might just be experiencing a drop in critical thinking skills and IQ each time your financial stress level rises. Among the different kinds of stress creating circumstances, financial stress appears to have a serious affect on your brain’s ability to function. Researchers found similar results between Indian farmers […]