Before You Decide to Buy the Next Great Marketing Tool

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Is your inbox overflowing with emails promoting the next great marketing tool for your business success? Of course it is! Sometimes it can be a tough when it comes to deciding to buy or not-to-buy, and yet other times you’re easily persuaded by and of these good reasons — it sounds like exactly what I need [...]

Five marketing lessons from women who decide differently

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One of the conundrums in marketing is not only to get the buyer to decide to buy but to figure out what’s the deciding factor that will get the buyer to actually buy. A lot of behavioral and psychological research has already gone into understanding on a retail level how men and women shoppers decide [...]

How savvy women turn social media into sales with the power of TPJ!

savvy women
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        What is it about women that makes them the leaders in almost all of social media? Can it be their numbers or is it their temporo-parietal junction (TPJ)? Here’s where women rule over men by the numbers in social media. 76% women to 66% men on Facebook 54% women to 46% men [...]

Warning: When financial stress increases your IQ drops

financial stress
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Nobody wants to get dumber, but you might just be experiencing a drop in critical thinking skills and IQ each time your financial stress level rises. Among the different kinds of stress creating circumstances, financial stress appears to have a serious affect on your brain’s ability to function. Researchers found similar results between Indian farmers [...]

Increase brain performance with a brain play date

Play with legos
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Being an entrepreneur requires a lot of brain performance. It’s also a lonely job for you as well as your brain. Many times your brain is in social isolation in order to complete projects and attend to all those behind-the-scenes aspects of your business. You might counter and say that may be true to some [...]

How do you decide which problem to tackle first?

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Any entrepreneur will tell you they have a list of problems to solve. Human nature being what it is – some of these problems get addressed, others will wait, still others will be ignored, and even a few which won’t be recognized as problems. Deciding which problem on your list to solve first can be [...]

Ten questions to ask before clicking on that Buy Now button

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Does your brain suffer from opportunity overflow? If your inbox is filled with daily opportunities to grow your business faster, get new custom plug-ins to save time, VIP coaching programs, social media how-to’s to increase visibility and attract buyers, you’ve got opportunity overflow. It all sounds so good and with credit card in hand you’re [...]

Are you deciding on the wrong business goals for 2014?

Business Goals
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This smart decision for business goals almost got away. Well, actually it did. It wound up with the other 586 emails in trash. But when my brain reminded me of its decision-making value, I quickly retrieve it. (Nothing like being saved from not hitting the trash delete key!) My mind was focused elsewhere, but I [...]

Are you letting granite countertops guide your business decisions?

granite countertops
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Are you letting granite countertops guide your business decisions? In the decision process, there’s usually a deal breaker. It’s the one thing that you must have, and if it’s not there you’re ready to walk away. For a lot of home buyers it’s granite countertops. If you’ve ever watched any of the programs dedicated to helping buyers [...]

Have you ever caught your brain buffering?

Brain Buffering
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After surgery, I was told my husband was being transferred to the Trauma Center. I was expecting to hear Intensive Care or Recovery. You would think my brain would go into panic mode, but instead I caught my brain buffering.  The Brain Buffering Effect  I immediately know it’s brain buffering because it’s the same as my computer. That [...]