You Can Have a Happy New Year Without Goals!

you can have a happy new year without goalsIt’s time for New Year’s Resolutions and goal setting. If you were counting on the excuse that the World is ending and why bother, that’s no longer an option.

Since life appears not to be ending anytime soon, here you are again faced with the decision about which goals you want to achieve in the coming year.

If you’re goal driven and goal successful in your life, we’re happy for you. But take note, the tide is turning and the non-goal setters may actually have an edge.

If you count yourselves among the goal setting procrastinators, the 90 day limited goal achievers, or the guilt ridden failures because you’ve violated the core rule of success by failing to write down your goals, the good news is that you can free yourself from goal setting tyranny and still achieve success.

If you want some solid authority to dish out as you buck the system, may I suggest the Harvard Business School. After reviewing “goal” achievement research, they concluded in their report “Goals Gone Wild” (yes, that’s what they called it) there are negative side effects to goal setting. Whether you’re a business, an entrepreneur or someone with good intentions, there’s another way to achieve what you want without hitting the wall of goal failure.

Read for yourself as Peter Bregman recounts what’s wrong with the goal approach and offers a simple alternative for easier and less stressful success. 


 What do your think? Are you up for going goal less and following Bregman’s advice?


  1. says

    The problem is that success is seen as achieving the goal, and many times the time frame or circumstances are just not realistic. It makes more sense to focus on the day to day changes that eventually will get to where you want to go. Weight goals are disappointing whether they are achieved or not. If you don’t focus on the underlying problem first, you’re going to find yourself eventually back where you started. Your program sounds like it’s just what’s needed for people who have been disappointed in achieving their desired weight based on goals.

  2. Maureen says

    Love this! One of my upcoming blog posts is all about why setting weight and revenue goals sets you up for failure and what to focus on instead. To be honest, I love setting goals yet rarely achieve them so I am feeling pretty relieved that you have steered us towards a new and different approach!
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